Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Abstract doodles

Just having some fun in the abstract vein... I'm thinking maybe the Christmas ornaments I do this year will have some of this. I did these on some old chip board that I found left over from a color class I took with Arthur at the EHCC over the weekend. If I'd done these on the computer with the help of my Wacom pad I did think how much faster I would've been (instead of the hours it took to fill in the black areas they could've been filled in in seconds). Still, there's something to that hand done look that's kind of nostalgic to life before computers...

Friday, September 19, 2008


Now of course I have a dilemma. I went swimming later than my usual mid morning because I thought I'd go paint with the Plein Air Painters of Hawaii Island (Amy has started her own blog about it). They were just down the street in Kalapana. So when I got back I still wanted to get my swim in (I get obsessed like this, in New York it was rollerblading everyday, in Santa Fe, hiking). I went with my friend, Rick. I like to swim with a buddy. We usually swim to these rocks across the bay and then to another close to Kehena Point and back. As we were heading towards the point I came across a menacing looking lone creature...

My first shark encounter, too up close and personal. I think it was a reef shark, not all that dangerous except in murky water. We both made it out safely. But still, there have been a lot of sitings lately and even beach closings on the west (Kona) side. So here's my question. How long do I wait before I can venture out there again? I'm a little scared now...(and yet, incredibly, Arthur, who was born in Oahu, has never seen a shark in Hawaiian waters in his life!).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A J Gallery Notes: Anne's Show

A J Gallery Notes: Anne's Show

Arthur posted some photos from our retrospective show for Anne Whitmore. Click on the link.

Life drawing

Recently we've gotten into a nice groove of having a life drawing session every Sunday either at Richard's of Kalani or Arthur's. This week we had two handsome models and I had fun with color, which seems to be my colors of the week, as you can see from the floral I also did this week.
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