Sunday, December 27, 2009

Art Music and Dance at Kalani

Every few months Kalani hosts an art event. Last night was the winter celebration.

Oils by Leno Laure.
Kehena Beach scene by Justin.
I didn't catch the young guy's name that did these cool graffiti caps. He was also taking custom orders.
Don Young's Red Road painting.
Carol Delano's Oils.
Surf board art by Roy.
Arthur's most recent landscape and his "sketch" for the St. Regis Hotel project.

I actually had some new stuff to show (new meaning never been displayed).

Richard painted these doors that will adorn Kalani Mauka and Kalani Kai. Please go to his kalani website for more info.

I shot more videos but the files are too big, I'm just uploading the smaller files. You get the idea.

And then we all danced to Marimba.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Season's Greetings

This is the little beach that started to form around 20 years ago when the Kalapana lava flow started and pushed out the famous surfer's beach that had been there for centuries. I've never braved out there myself but on the Solstice our friend, Roger, decided to give us all a show. We clapped when he got back to shore (for me a relief as well as admiration).

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holiday party at the gallery

Kehena lock down

From about 4 AM until 4PM today there was a road closure into and out of our little village of Kehena due to a report of gunshots in the middle of the night. At first I heard it was a sniper and that the police were looking for him. Then I heard he had a machine gun. We went down to the beach and saw the blockade on our way down. At the beach we heard that a guy had barricaded himself in his home and had guns and explosives. It kept escalating. We don't really know the truth yet because until less than an hour ago the police couldn't get the guy to come out of his house (about 2 blocks from us--lovely). We did our usual big swim (beautiful day and super calm seas, I didn't even need my wetsuit, it was that warm). On our way home the police told us we couldn't even go through the jungle to get home. So we had to go back down to the beach and then go to our friend's house and hang until they had the situation handled. We even saw a big swat mobile. What a day. Hope no one was hurt. Someone interviewed our friend, Roger, for the local paper. We'll have to look for the story in tomorrow's edition ( for more information.

Update: the man was killed. Here's the link.