Friday, November 26, 2010


I wish I could say it always comes from within but having been commercially working for the past 20 years, a deadline is a strong motivator. And so there is this show that is coming up, a juried one at the Wailoa Center, a state sponsored and operated gallery in Hilo. The theme was companion animals. I don't have a pet here but there are plenty of people who do and so I saw this sleepy guy at a cafe down the street from where I live. Well it's about 4 miles down because I have no cafe in my neighborhood actually.
At first I started to do something a little more shall we say realistic. It wasn't really because I did my usual 'abstract' coloring to it. But then I decided to do a more fun doggie. And there we have it. The show is being judged this weekend (deadline) and opens next week.