Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Painting

Gail, a fellow artist at the Arthur Johnsen Gallery, asked me to do a painting with the theme of Happy. At first, she wanted a painting of her dog "Happy", a very cute little chihuahua. That would actually be a cool show. But she then said just paint whatever makes you happy. Well, painting makes me happy, but that would be a very boring painting.

I originally came up with a concept of me in water. Then I thought how about water in me, literally. The idea was okay but the execution wasn't what I wanted--after doing it out of my head (ha!). So I had my sister, Jean, pose for me.

I love the ocean. The ocean makes me happy.


gail duituturaga said...

Hi Tuko, I like the bigger bottom one. Nice crazy idea. Perfect for the show.
Don't forget tomorrow after 9 at the Wailoa.
See ya.

tuko said...

Thanks Gail... Arthur liked that one too--the "water" level on the other one is a little low.