Monday, January 01, 2007

Old Life

I'm on the mainland and I'm driving around areas of my youth and it's been quite nostalgic. Though I come to San Diego frequently, I haven't lived here since 1993. Much has changed and much is still the same. I like driving down Garnet in Pacific Beach, one of my old neighborhoods. I couldn't believe all the people trying to get into clubs on New Year's Eve. I saw maybe a hundred people standing and waiting in front of one place. And it's not exactly balmy here in the evening. It's definitly winter, especially when I'm used to living a little closer to the equator. It's more fun for me to take these streets than zipping along highways, just to save a 5 minutes. The highways are actually kind of unnerving. I've become a country potato as a 'friend' used to call me.

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