Saturday, November 10, 2007

Radio Acoustic

Currently my favorite radio station is RadioioAcoustic on ITunes. The bad thing is after every 5 songs they have a viagra commercial (an indication of their demographics?? I hope not). Good news is when I hear a commercial coming on I can mute it and ITunes will tell me when the next song comes back on (I guess RadioioAcoustic is really doing the notifying) and I can punch the sound key and all is well... Also, since they tell you what the song is and who the arist is you can easily look them up to buy if you want.

I don't know if it's from my years in New Mexico but I have to admit I like some country music. They usually tell stories and are a little sad and a little soothing. I know in New York I listened to more hip hop and dance music but I was also into rollerblading and loved to skate to music. An Ipod would've been great then in the era of sony walkmen.

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