Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Egg mystery

I have to update my blog, I have a lot of photos to upload from my camera, especially from my second trip to Maui in February which was for a painting workshop sponsored by PAPOH, or the plein air painters of Hawaii, an organization I belong to.

It's almost too much so I'd rather relate a story that just happened this past week. Mid last week I found 3 eggs on the work bench in the garage downstairs. Our very sweet neighbors across the street give us eggs from time to time but usually they leave it on our doorstep so to find the eggs on top of the work bench was a little unusual. So I called the neighbor and asked if his wife had left us eggs there and when because I wanted to know if the eggs were still good. He said to check if the eggs were good just put them in water and see if the float. And by the way, they hadn't but that now there were others with chickens in the neighborhood so maybe someone else had.

I did what he suggested and put the eggs in water and they didn't float so I assumed they were fine and put them in the refrigerator.

Yesterday my partner got a big shock when he found a chicken sitting on his workbench as he was about to do some work. He shooed it away and lo and behold found an egg. Then he told me he'd been finding eggs every day and just thought we had missed them and had been throwing them out into the jungle, fearing they were old. Now we know they were the freshest eggs around. The chicken came back later that afternoon and left us another of her gifts. How cool is that?

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