Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oahu Part 2

The point of our trip was to paint with PAPOH (Plein Air Painters of Hawaii) and AHA (Association of Hawaiian Artists?--I think). First day was at Kailua Beach. Arthur and I perched ourselves under the closest tree cover to the beach. If you click on the photo you can see that I used the sand as a convenient brush holder.

Here's a painting start by Mark Brown of Oahu. He also teaches on the island, there was a small contingent of his students who were a part of the paint out.
And here's my friend, Lynne Boyer, painting her fave, the ocean. (I miss those gentle Oahu waves too, now that I'm back in the land of Kehena Beach where the swells are 6-7 feet at times and it loves to grab your ankles and pull you back out to sea... thanks to the full moon action.)

Arthur of course had time to start another painting.

A group of local girls came to practice their hula while we painted.

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