Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anne Whitmore

Our dear friend and gallery mate Anne Whitmore passed away last night after a hard fought battle with cancer. She was our watercolor artist, a jewel among us oil painters with a wonderful style that said she was in command. I love her work, I love work that is simple yet strong, no extra frills, just whatever was needed to convey what she saw. I regret that I didn't paint with her. I saw her last Friday night at the abstract show opening. She had a piece in the show as well. She was so joyful, throwing kisses and big smiles. I'm glad that's my last memory of her.

This photo of one of her paintings is one she had in our recent SMALL Show. Sorry the quality of my photo is so poor. I'll try to get something better up next week.


Anonymous said...

Anne and I lost touch some 15 years ago after she moved to Taos, NM.. This news really ripped me, God she was not just an amazing artist but an amazing woman too!

Goodbye Anne, one day I'll join you and we can kick around a soccer ball when you have time to put your brush down.

love and hugs to a dear friend.

David Mohrman said...

I'm a old friend of Anne's too from about time as the person posting above. (I'm sure your someone I know too!) I've been trying to contact her for ages now - since my xmas cards kept returning. I'd Googled her name but nothing came up - until now. What a shock!

I wish I'd had the chance to talk to her one last time. I was her male "lesbian" friend in the SF Bay Area and we hung together and had some great laughs and adventures!

Anne, my dearest friend, while I'm saddened by your passing, I'm so glad to learn that in the end you were finally living your life on your terms, the way you had dreamed of in the days when we would talk of such things late into the night over dinner and wine.

Thoughts of you will always brighten the shadows where I hang my memories. I love you.

SDorn1995 said...

Today, out of the blue, I thought of Anne. It was a cloudy day but in the late afternoon the sun broke through and the light was incredible. I knew Anne when I lived from 2003-2005 in Taos, NM. I was attracted to her energy before I even knew she was an artist. I asked her out and though nothing romantic ever grew between us, we became friends. She showed me much about the stark beauty of the desert land and the secrets she held. We spent a wonderful day watching hot air balloons launch and Anne did her best to get us aboard! She was preparing then to leave Taos to go to Hawaii. We spoke a few times after she left Taos. She was so happy in Hawaii. I am thankful that I knew her and that her nomadic spirit touched me today. I would love to acquire one of her paintings and would hang it with honor in my home.
If anyone has an input on how I might do that, please email me at

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May she rest in peace