Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friendship....the Bread.

Seriously, someone gave me a starter for an Amish Friendship Bread with a sheet of instructions. 10 days later I made two loaves of very tasty bread and 4 starters of my own to pass on to friends... Now it's 10 days later again and I have two more loaves, my friends have two loaves each and we all have more starters to pass on. You see where this is going. It's a pyramid scam where we will run out of friends to give these to and the funniest part is we are all on the same schedule, baking 10 days later and having more of these starters (and so on). It's way too funny. Of course, I gave one to my paint buddy, Arthur. He was wondering if we really have to go through all this (the instructions call for mushing and mushing everyday and adding ingredients along the way) or if we could just bake using the recipe without the starter, really, because of all this dividing you end up using only 1 cup of starter so it becomes kind of a minor part of the recipe... I guess someone will have to do a test, but I suspect this is to just keep one on a baking schedule... at least no one said if you break this 'chain' something terrible might happen. Arthur, please do the test so we can find out if we can stop baking every 10 days...

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