Tuesday, August 23, 2011

arthur stuff in Oahu

I went to Oahu for a quick weekend trip. One evening while walking around Waikiki I stumbled upon a parking garage with the most incredible murals. I recognized them immediately as Arthur's, my friend that I frequently write about, paint with, hang with, who's taught me so much about art and painting and life.

One (meaning me) forgets sometimes just how accomplished Arthur Johnsen is. And then you just come across this by happenstance in the middle of the night in Waikiki... his murals at a parking garage, a parking garage! in Waikiki. Go Arthur!


cloudsintheblue said...

Thanks for sharing this. The second mural of the fauna is amazing. I just want to jump right in (especially jump out from the NYC concrete jungle scene to the green jungle scene)

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful! Murals like these are the thing I remember most about Ohau when I went to visit my cousin as a child!
Thanks for sharing!