Monday, December 26, 2011

Kehena Beach Ironwood Tree

I've been drawing the now iconic ironwood tree that stood in the north end of Kehena beach with it's gnarly roots exposed, a measure of how much of the beach has been dropping over the years. It finally fell over the Thanksgiving weekend during a particularly huge rainstorm. I'm not sure if anyone was at the beach when it actually fell because of the storm. But here are some of those sketches starting from 2006. There are folks here who remember the tree when it was still living with pine needles (greenery). People were still climbing it 'til almost the end and when it fell it had been hanging on with maybe only 6 inches to a foot to spare. I'll post the most recent drawings soon.

Here's a photo taken just last September.


Arthur said...

I'm glad someone documented that tree! Truly a legend in its own time.

Gustavo said...

great job my fried, congratulations.