Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Sunday morning around 7:08 the ground started shaking. I actually thought, wow, is this the one? I half expected the ground to open up under us and lava shoot out. That's what you get when you live in lava zone two. Kehena hasn't had a lava flow since the days of George Washington so some think we're due. I hope not. And at least this time it didn't happen. The epicenter was more off the coast of Kona (Puako area to be exact) and that side suffered the brunt of the quake. I think a piece of paper fell here. Whew. I was surprised at how much coverage CNN gave the quake. They kept showing the same grocery store (in Honolulu--not even this island) and asking people what they were buying. Apparently, Honolulu lost power due to the combination of the earthquake and heavy rains. Slow news day.

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