Monday, May 14, 2007


And now we move on to my trip to Manhattan with Craig and his parents.

It's been awhile since I've been here too. I almost forgot how exciting this place can be. Side note, while I was in Hana Arthur introduced me to Sudoku. Okay, I'm kinda slow on the trends. I did see my brother-in-law doing them last winter but didn't pay much attention to them, since I have enough addictions as it is (internet, painting, swimming, etc.). But at the airport in Honolulu I picked up a booklet for something to do (as if there isn't enough to do--well, I was thinking on the plane or something). I'm getting the hang of it and it's pretty fun. At first, in Hana, I was trying to be so scientific with charts and x's to figure it out by elimination. But now I get what to look for so it's less mechanical.

We saw a great play -- Frost/Nixon with Frank Langella. Brilliantly art directed with the use of 40 or so video screens and cameras onstage to show how they did the filming of the interviews. I recommend it to anyone going to New York.

We also did something I'd never done before, living or visiting New York in the past. We rode those doubledecker buses around town. What a great way to see the city. Plus, they let you get off and on at any point (of their scheduled stops), you just hop back on another bus when you're done walking around. It was a great way to mix it up between being on a tour bus (a very Japanese thing to do) and leisurely window shopping.

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