Friday, June 01, 2007

Yesterday, a long time ago

I haven't been very good about updating lately. And now so much has happened that I don't know where to begin. So I think I'll just talk about what happened yesterday. I finally joined the Hilo group for another plein air painting session at an area called the Ice Ponds near Banyan Drive and the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. So called because of the freshwater runoff that makes the bay there (it's not really a pond) much colder than say, our little beach in Kehena. It was a lot of the usuals (Amy, Gerald Murai, Lena) and a few new faces, though I must admit I don't attend many of their sessions because I (or we, meaning Arthur and I, we are kind of clumped together because we are in the Puna district--45 minutes from Hilo) live too far to get there in time. As it was, I showed up at 10AM and most of the group was finishing up their paintings. Well, I got a good start in.

So someone brought out watermelon and offered them up to the group. With brush in one hand I took a slice (from Gail, another member of the Arthur Johnsen Gallery). I started to eat as I was painting and subconsciously I must have reverted back to my 5 year old self in Japan because I started to spit out the seeds as I was eating. Granted we were on dirt, but later I thought, gee, did I gross out anyone (maybe those reading here)? Funny how as we grow older we become so conscious of what we do, especially in front of others. I guess that's a good thing. Oh well, it's my country bumpkin (or in Japanese--inaka) side coming out. I secretly enjoyed it.


Arthur said...

I thought everyone spit out the seeds.

tuko said...

You know Arthur, on the mainland I got used to eating watermelon with a spoon. Also, eating seedless, so I don't remember spitting out the seeds, at least not on the ground.