Friday, November 03, 2006

Black and White Night or sometimes you never know what will inspire you.

Tonight is Black and White Night in Hilo. Arthur asked me to do a piece for the gallery. I was toying with the idea of doing a linocut but he said why don't you do a painting... Okay, here's the rest of the story. Last Saturday in the gallery a couple came in and saw a painting of a full moon with a palm in shadow, very dramatic. The woman said it would be perfect if only there were a rabbit pounding mochi in the moon. The rabbit pounding mochi is what the Japanese see when they look at the moon. Americans see a man on the moon. Mochi is pounded hot sweet rice that is usually made for New Year's, made into flat disks and displayed with 2 or 3 on top of each other in descending sizes with a tangerine (with a leaf on it, very important) to symbolize plenty for the coming new year. Finally, a painterly blend of my illustration style. Mochitsuki is kind of a play on words. Mochitsuki means both making mochi and mochi moon.

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Linda - Denise's sis said...

Mochitsuki Rabbit. My fav. Very cool. Denise is a real trooper. Thx for keeping tabs on her progress.

Love your stuff. $1/hour must pay your HI bills!

Linda in NJ