Monday, November 27, 2006

Bug story 2

I had another bug incident last night after coming home from AJ's studio (where I was working on those ornaments again). I came into the bathroom to brush my teeth (again) and I found a giant centipede in my sink! (Here it is almost life size, I kid you not -- actually, it was longer) This time I did react. It was trying to crawl out but kept slipping because of the smooth surface of the sink. With my eyes wide open I was trying to think what to do, what to do? Call Arthur? No, it's too late. Besides, he's in his studio and there's no phone there.

So then I thought, the bug zapper. I'll electrocute it! But when I grabbed the zapper, the battery was dead. So I ended up smashing the bug with it instead. Mission accomplished.

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