Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Mahalo Day!

Mahalo is how you say thank you in Hawaiian.

And I have many to say Mahalo to.

Mahalo to my parents for giving me life. My mom wanted me to perm my hair (so I would look more grown up like her), I did once and it took 5 years for it to completely go away. I still think I have a wave in my hair now. On the other hand she was always happy and gave me the gift of laughter, so Mahalo for that.

Mahalo to my loving sister who has always been such a close friend. We miss our other sister very much but thank the universe she was in our lives for as long as she was. Mahalo to her husband (one of the best people on the planet I know) and wonderful son who is always coming up with more stuff to amaze us.

Mahalo to my brother for his kindness, his sense of humor and his 4 great kids who all have their unique talents and personalities but are all good kids! (and his wife for marrying him, what a saint)

Mahalo to all my friends who have to put up with me, call me, write me, invite me to do stuff, go to the beach with me, and are just there to listen to me and give me much love when I need it.

And last but not least Mahalo to my partner who also encourages me in whatever I endeaver!

Kehena Beach is a lake today, so you know where I'm going... have a wonderful day!

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