Friday, April 13, 2007

Merrie Monarch in Hilo

This week is the biggest Hawaiian Hula competition in the world. It happens in Hilo and we have more visitors here than probably at any other time. After a day of festivities at the gallery (me painting--that made it sooo festive) Arthur talked me into going to see the festival. I usually watch it on TV. You who are reading this can also see it online at

On the first day it's more of an international day which means a big halau from Tokyo performs 1/2 the program. The other international performers were from New Zealand (Maori dancers). The finale were Sonny Ching's halau from Oahu. I should add that the whole show started with the procession by the Royal Court, followed by chanting by the Kanaka'ole sisters, the venerable halau of Hawaii.

Try to catch tonight's (4/13/07). It's the most exciting with traditional performances by male (kane) and female (wahine) dancers in competition. It's like 6 hours long, a marathon for the audience as well. I will be watching from my sofa. Tomorrow night is the last night with modern dance performances.

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