Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear Laurie

My roommate (see above, that's me on the left, Laurie, my roommate, and our good friend, Grace) from my days in Tokyo (one incredible year) has a great blog where she talks about her experience with a Japanese pop singer. The other day, Arthur just happened to ask me what music I listened to (back in the day). My palate seemed limited. Then I remembered I also listened to J-pop. The YouTube phenomena is tremendous. Not only am I able to see old footage from when I was there but stuff I missed before and since. Here's what I remember (and I can't believe my pop star turned 60 this year).

Of course upon falling into the youtube hole I also found a concert I attended that was actually a television show that was being taped. I didn't see myself in the 32 year old tape but how freaky if I had. I was thinking what great material for a short story in this.

Back to my idol, Sawada Kenji. He was originally in a band called the Tigers, formed in the 60s after the Beatles came to Japan. But he was more like the Mick Jagger of Japan. In the 70s and 80s he was probably Japan's number one male singer. He still has a huge following, even in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I thought this video of a concert he did last year was so touching. He's having a 60th birthday concert in Osaka and Tokyo later this month and next month (though his birthday was in June). Wish I could go.

And here's the song orchestrated...

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Laurie Hester said...

Ah, you gotta love those pretty Japanese boys with hairless chests... ;)