Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Maku'u Farmers' Market

Every Sunday there is a huge farmer's market in Puna near an area called Hawaiian Paradise Park (or HPP to us) that's really kind of an event. When I go I'll try to buy my fruit and vegetables for the week. I buy the best lettuces from the Krishnas (always organic), bananas from da Banana Boys, and then other vegies and fruit from a variety of Asian and hippie farmers. It's also a kind of flea market and bazaar. You can even get a massage, acupuncture or even your fortune told. And then there's always an increasing variety of cooked foods.

This particular Sunday (just passed) I took two young Japanese women who have been volunteering at Kalani Honua (the eco resort in my neighborhood). Many have been introduced to Puna through volunteer work at Kalani (as well as vacationers or people looking for a spiritual retreat or just some place to work things out).

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