Saturday, June 09, 2007

This week in Puna

It's been an extremely productive week for me. Above the graphic work I'm especially happy that I was able to start 5 paintings. It all started with my desire to paint the sunrise. But sunrise happens to be 5:30 AM these days. So the first morning I was out painting by 6:30, too late for the sunrise but early enough to get some nice morning twinkling on the water.

The next few days it was off and on painting with Arthur and Ben (his protegé, whom I didn't photograph because I didn't have my camera with me that day, maybe he's on Arthur's blog). I started another morning painting of the road with the ocean behind the grove of palms.

The week ended perfectly with a day spent at the Hot Ponds with the Puna painters who meet every Friday afternoon to paint together, though strangely none of them are plein air painters. It was great to be painting there because we got to start with a wonderful dip in the geo-thermally heated pool there, before all the crowds so the water was pretty clear. It was my first time to paint there but it definitely won't be the last...

Someday, I hope to to finish these paintings. Hopefully this momentum continues.

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