Monday, June 18, 2007

Maui Paintings

I bought a new digi camera yesterday so I could finally upload these photos of my paintings from our Hana Maui trip as I test the camera out... These are smaller than how I normally work in the field due to weight and size constraints of transporting these island to island. I forgot to mention that when I was going out there I had my oil paints confiscated, even after I had called the airlines to see if it was okay to pack them (not in carry-on) and the woman on the phone assured me that it was fine. Luckily on two counts, Arthur generously let me 'borrow' his extra tubes (they didn't confiscate his--I must look more criminal) and the airline did save the tubes for me to pick up when I got back to Hilo.

The last painting is one I did in about 45 minutes, including set up time. We had to go to our own show at the Hana Resort and I didn't have any time to think. I have to say though I kind of like this crude though unfinished direction.

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