Saturday, June 30, 2007

6 A.M. Alarm

I was fast asleep when I heard a loud thud. At first I thought was it my neighbor already at work on his house (I have a neighbor building a brand new house). Then there was another, and then another, even louder. And a knock, Knock, KNOCK. I realized it was someone knocking at the door. I stumbled out to find my little 4 year old neighbor wearing only a long tee shirt, wanting to play. So I let him in and we started making origami cranes. But my little brain was still asleep so I asked the boy to let me sleep and come back later. I went back to bed. Later to a 4 year old is maybe 10 minutes. So he came back this time armed with gifts, an orange and a can of coke. We watched a little t.v. (thank god for cartoons). Finally his auntie Zelda called out to have him come home and I was able to go back to bed...

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