Saturday, June 23, 2007

Painting with Arthur

This week was pretty busy with outside work (computer stuff) but I did get a couple of days in to paint with Arthur. It's also been pretty rainy, another lame excuse for not painting because truth be told I need to do some stuff in the studio as well, especially finishing the dozen or so paintings. Well this week was a week of working on old stuff out in the field. The weather can be a challenge when you're painting outside.

We went out on Friday to paint 'with' the Friday Hot Pond group again. The cutest kids came right by me and my painting and so I had an audience of it seemed like a hundred if only for a minute or so.

We also went back out to Opihikao, I hadn't been out there since last summer. Cars would stop by while I was painting and one even stopped to take pictures, but it turned out they weren't photographing me but the beautiful rainbow behind my painting...

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